With historical links dating back to the 1920s, the orchestra was officially formed in 1983 as the Malvern Symphony Orchestra under the guidance of well-known cellist Janis Laurs. Renamed Stonnington Symphony in 2000 at its innaugural free outdoor concert, the orchestra has traditionally performed challenging repertoire, each year present a concert series designed to encompass the widest possible spectrum of musical tastes of the community.

Now under the Artistic Directorship of British-born conductor and violinist, Roy Theaker, Stonnington Symphony continuously seeks to fulfil the organisation’s stated mission - to present affordably priced, attractively programmed concerts in easily accessible venues.

Since its inception, Stonnington Symphony has been an organisation committed to being of and for its local community, actively encouraging anyone interested in symphonic music to become involved in its activities as players, members or volunteers.

Photo by Cameron Jamieson