Section Convenor Position Description

Section Convenors should have -

  • A history playing with Stonnington Symphony
  • A good understanding of the broader classical repertoire
  • A good relationship with the greater Melbourne community music scene
  • Abide by the Stonnington Symphony Code of Conduct 
  • Appropriate written and verbal communication skills


Section Convenors shall -

  • Maintain a detailed list of past and present players
  • Ensure that all new players are aware of Stonnington Symphony membership and participation fees
  • Distribute the any relevant information including the Player Information Sheet to the appropriate players ahead of each program
  • Provide the General Manager a list of players in a timely manner
  • Provide the General Manager any contact details for new or returning players
  • Arrange seating lists where applicable


The General Manager shall -

  • Maintain Membership Application Form and membership information on the Stonnington Symphony website
  • Provide details for any new players interested in joining Stonnington Symphony
  • Provide information on instrumentation and player strength for each program with appropriate time to assemble a section
  • Provide support to the Section Convenor should finding players prove to be difficult
  • In conjunction with the Committee of Management, resolve any player disputes and/or breaches of the Stonnington Symphony Code of Conduct